Jonny Lipford

Founder & Instructor

Jonny Lipford is an award-winning musician who creates and composes music that highlights the Native American flute while pushing its boundaries. After hearing the flute in a cartoon at the age of 13-years-old, he received his first Native American flute in 2002 as a Christmas gift.

This instrument provided a voice for Jonny as an artist and he has since made his mark as one of the most versatile musicians of the Native American flute. His solo work spans more than 16 independent albums and countless collaborations. 

Among his progressive contributions to the wider music industry, he has garnered several accolades from the Indian Summer Music Awards, Silver Arrow Awards, Global Music Awards, Native American Music Awards and more. 

With a passion and gift for leading others, Jonny is one of the highest sought-after instructors in the industry. He’s helped thousands of students achieve more in their flute journey by connecting and instructing in a meaningful and charismatic way. 

Jonny is the co-founder and director of the Sweetgrass Flute School in Hiawatha, Iowa as well as the founder and director of Horizons Flute School online. 

Based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Jonny focuses on recording and producing new music and teaching materials. His life-long goal is to share his knowledge and empower others who are seeking to learn the Native American flute while being a positive role model and supportive friend.