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Welcome to Horizons Flute School. Here, learning transcends the notes. It's about embarking on a journey that fosters confidence, clarity, and creativity, all while becoming an integral part of a passionate community. We invite you to delve deeper into this platform, where a treasure trove of resources, in-depth content, and exclusive benefits await our Horizons Plus Members. 

Uncover the enriching experiences you've yet to explore.  Your path to flute mastery is just a click away, filled with emotion, growth, and community connection!

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The Best Teacher!

Jonny has created perfect go-to online courses to learn to play NAF! These courses are well-structured with step-by-step instructional videos in which he breaks down concepts that even a novice can understand. He knows how to teach and create content that is easy to digest for those (like me) who have no background in music.

Kunal S.

Horizons+ Member


I am so glad I found the Beginning Your Journey course soon after purchasing my first flute. The course is packed with quality content that had me playing, caring for, and enjoying my flute quickly. The lessons are broken down into short sessions so it’s easy to find time for one or more. Highly recommended!

Carol O.

Horizons+ Member

Forever Grateful!

Jonny’s musical spirit will benefit you and your native flute playing. I find his courses incredibly helpful for playing my style, and I am forever grateful to Jonny for helping me grow in my native flute playing journey!

Mike D.

Horizons+ Member

Getting Better and Better!

I feel like I got more than my money's worth from day one just from the courses offered then and it gets better and better as new classes are added. Aside from my favorite flutes, this was the best flute money I ever spent!

Michelle J.

Horizons+ Member