Who is Horizons For?

Whether you're just starting out playing the Native American flute or you've played for years, it's not uncommon to reach out for help when you hit creative roadblocks, dry spells of inspiration or if you just have a thirst for more! The Native American flute is an instrument that is forgiving, pleasant, meditative and inspiring. 

Horizons Flute School is for any flute player who wants to dig deep and really grow as a flute player and expand their technical ability, comprehension and have a ton of fun while doing it! 

On this page, you'll find out more about the programming that we offer to help you achieve that next milestone in your flute journey!

Horizons+ Membership

This membership is the ultimate resource for you to expand your Native flute journey!

  • Immediate access to the majority of e-courses!

  • Two Monthly Lesson Modules (content is made available on the 1st and 15th of each month).

  • Two Monthly (Live) Group Q&A Sessions

Horizons+ Bonus Perks!

In addition to the courses, bi-monthly lesson modules and Q&A sessions, you also get some extras to help you along your journey!

  • Monthly Credits

    Get one credit each month to pick out a backing track or piece of sheet music of your choice!

  • A Private Community!

    Get exclusive access to a members-only group (outside the distraction of social media)!

  • First Dibs!

    Have an opportunity to buy new flutes, products and spots to live teaching programs before the general public!

Here's How Horizons Helps You

Having support or a guide to help you along the way makes all the difference in your flute journey.

  • Explore

    Learning should be exciting and memorable. By trying new things, you'll boost curiosity and build courage leading you to a long-lasting positive transformation.

  • Stay Motivated

    Break free from compiling bits and pieces of tips from various and unknown sources; banish the boredom and learn how to unleash your inner creativity!

  • Succeed

    Get clear direction and guidance so you can become more confident with creating and sharing your music with the world!

Hooray For Horizons!

“Jonny has created perfect go-to online courses to learn to play NAF! These courses are well-structured with step-by-step instructional videos in which he breaks down concepts that even a novice can understand. He knows how to teach and create content that is easy to digest for those (like me) who have no background in music.”

Online Student

Kunal S.

“I am so glad I found the Beginning Your Journey course soon after purchasing my first flute. The course is packed with quality content that had me playing, caring for, and enjoying my flute quickly. The lessons are broken down into short sessions so it’s easy to find time for one or more. Highly recommended!”

Online Student

Carol O.

“Jonny’s musical spirit will benefit you and your native flute playing. I find his courses incredibly helpful for playing my style, and I am forever grateful to Jonny for helping me grow in my native flute playing journey!”

Online Student

Michael D.

The Value of Horizons+

Here's how the Horizons+ membership price compares to the total value of the content: 

  • Access to the Majority of e-Courses
  • Access to Recorded Workshops
  • 2x/mo. Lesson Modules
  • 2x/mo. LIVE Q&A Sessions
  • Monthly Credits for Sheet Music & Backing Tracks
  • A Private Members-only Community
  • First Dibs on New Flutes, Live Programs & Products

You get access TO ALL OF THIS for less than a dollar per day!

Join Horizons+

Founder & Instructor

Who started Horizons Flute School?

Jonny Lipford is an award-winning musician who creates and composes music that highlights the Native American flute while pushing its boundaries. After hearing the flute in a cartoon at the age of 13-years-old, he received his first Native American flute in 2002 as a Christmas gift. Jonny has a passion and gift for leading others and is one of the highest sought-after instructors in the industry. He’s helped thousands of students achieve more in their flute journey by connecting with and instructing students in a meaningful and charismatic way.

Jonny Lipford

Founder & Instructor

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Not interested in the Horizons+ Membership? You can still purchases courses individually.

You have questions? We have answers.

  • What is the difference between Horizons Flute School and Horizons+?

    Horizons Flute School is the name for Jonny’s teaching platform which houses all the learning resources. Horizons+ is our low-cost, monthly membership plan that gives you access to many of the courses and other learning opportunities. There is also an option to purchase courses individually outside of the membership.

  • If I cancel my membership, do I still have access to courses?

    If you cancel your membership, you will lose access to courses, the private community, 2x/mo. lessons and any perks. However, if you purchased a course outside of the membership, you will keep access to that course after your subscription lapses.

  • What if I'm not satisfied with this membership?

    We want your experience here to be a pleasant one. If you aren't happy with your membership you may cancel at any time. Please keep in mind that there are no refunds given for the membership or any of our digital products.

  • Do I need to sign up again since the name of the school changed?

    All accounts that were created under the original Native Flute Academy have been transferred to Horizons Flute School. There’s no need to create a new login. Whichever courses you had in the Native Flute Academy, you will also have in Horizons Flute School. This does not include access to Horizons+, which is our membership option. You can enroll in Horizons+ and start reaping the many benefits offered in that program.